Should there be light at the end of a tunnel, or should it be covered in dark? When you try to create something new, for many people the light is barely visible and it almost feels like it keeps fading away, the closer you get. But if you focus your sight at that tiny point of light and keep moving step by step, eventually you will be blinded by the brightness that is there, at the end of that long, long tunnel. Just don't let that tiny spect get away as you let go of it and fall back in the dark. 

And it is like that with every game, every project, every new idea that you can only see it in full brightness, once you have come out of the "tunnel", the path that leads to greatness (or may as well have you stuck in the dark).

We at Rocknight Studios are getting really close to the light as we work hard to get there with Crazy Gear and deliver it to you wrapped in a little box with big screen and filled with adrenaline and hours of fun!