Welcome to the Crazy Gear Second Day Stories, where we, the developers, will tell you about the mythology of our first video game (still in development) and showcase the characters and items from it! Enjoy!


Biker Bot... made out of pure awesomeness and put into aluminium armour, covered by protective graphene layer ( because, yeah, it is the future ), it was designed to destroy anyone who dares to enter the City of the Last Hope.

After the Great War of Gears, where robots managed to overthrow the people and take control of the city ( the last fortress of human kind ), large squadrons of the Biker Bots were manufactured to keep men from entering the City of the Last Hope and from collecting the power source of the robot kind - gears (which is sort of crazy, if you think about it!) 

Biker Bots are designed for the streets! It is where you'll find them, it is where you'll shoot them, it is where you'll crush them... it is where you'll make them smoke and take the gold! Well, actually the gears, which is the currency in this world and is more valuable than any pot of gold! You get 20 gears for every Biker Bot that is turned into a pile of robot parts by you! With them you can buy better cars, new weapons and other add-ons to make destroying robots more rewarding and more fun!

Thank you for your attention and good luck! :-)