Rough Rush Alpha 

Get Rough Rush:

Be safe.

SHA256(InstallRoughRush.exe)= 17ea6b3814907c280e2ec1f70982857aa0f5c7ebe6d951b8a650fd414f4cfe57

SHA256(UnpackRoughRush.tar.gz)= f98ffdb2cb07bea20ccee425f10813a4c5c267ef9d6171ee43f937098c2ab599

SHA256(InstallRoughRush.dmg)= 1f4d91e721b89b6a720b7f307272749f567619bb449c3c41c79e9a2729607c1e

It's just the start...

Future Rough Rush versions will include:

  • Story mode,
  • Challenge mode,
  • New upgrades,
  • New tasks,
  • New enemies,
  • New obstacles,
  • New environments,
  • And a lot more!

Send us an email to if you want any future updates or have feedback for us.